Mads Emil Dreyer (b. 1986) is a Copenhagen-based composer working within the field of electroacoustic music. His pieces are often very condensed and minimalistic, but even though very little seem to happen, beneath the surface they're always developing. They often use much of the same material from start to finish and thus can be viewed as pictures or sculptures unfolding in the realm of time.

His music has been performed in Europe, US, and Asia and has been seleced for festivals such as Dark Music Days, New York City Electroacoustic Music Festival, Young Nordic Music Festival, Klang Festival, and Nordic Music Days.

He is the recipient of the Carl Nielsen and Anne Marie Carl-Nielsen Talent Prize 2019 plus the Odd Fellow Music Prize 2019, and has received work grants from Danish Composers' Society, Augustinus Foundation, and Danish Arts Foundation.

He has composed pieces for, among others, Danish National Symphony Orchestra, Ensemble Adapter, and Neue Vocalsolisten, and he's a founding member of the contemporary music group NEKO3.

2011-2020 Royal Danish Academy of Music - Composition (BA+MA+advanced postgraduate studies)
2007-2015 University of Copenhagen / University of California, Berkeley - Film and Media Studies (BA) + Modern Culture (MA)

+45 22524152